Diesel House, Malvern

Cream & Black recently created a desirable three bedroom home and completed the full renovation and conversion of a large four-car garage.

We managed every aspect of the project, engaging in each stage of the build and design process. We took the design scheme from the existing building’s history and updated it with an industrial look.

Cream & Black designed the external and internal aesthetics, making crucial decisions, such as selecting roof tiles, roof light positions and redesigning the front elevation to include windows and doors.

We were keen to use existing materials where possible, demonstrated by the use of the building’s old water tank panels, which we set into the external wall and painted a petrol blue to add another distinctive feature to the building. We also reused bricks from a recently demolished on-site stable building to give the building more horse power!

Timber cladding combined with render and metal panelling evokes a new and old composition to the build. The new windows were influenced by the old Crittall windows to take advantage of the light.

Our designs were heavily influenced by a desire to mix different materials. As a result, the architectural designs detail a combination of galvanized steel, copper, brass, timber and chrome. A great example of this is the staircase and surrounding space. Made from steel, timber and glass, the staircase links well with the exposed galvanised steel and copper pipework.

Commissioned pieces like the kitchen and other joinery throughout the building utilises the space, making it feel larger and more stylish.

The building includes underfloor heating on the ground floor, whilst the first floor is detailed with traditional standing iron radiators.

As all project consultancies know, working closely with the contractors and suppliers helps ensure the best possible finish and, at Cream & Black, we include this as an essential part of our design process. For us, each element of the build is as important as the last.