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Posted: Saturday 20 October 2018


Cream & Black Appointed to Design International Headquarters

Cream & Black have been appointed to design the new headquarters for an international group of companies, in a prominent location in the heart of Edgbaston.

Project is due for completion Early 2019.

The property comprises a Grade II Listed classic Georgian Style frontage and a modern open plan open plan space to the rear.

When space planning we have designed breakout areas to encourage and develop interaction between the companies, giving employees an environment to retreat from their desks. Within the breakout areas we have designed communal co-working spaces to boost creativity, and further develop interaction between teams.

Due to the unusual existing shape of the architecture to the open space plan space, we will create a walkway through one office space. We have designed ‘floating’ partitions & change in floor finish to define the walkways and workspace without comprising the open plan feel & flow required.

When designing for a group of companies we were keen to meet with the individual business directors to ensure each of their requirements were captured in the design, to create a balanced workplace that appeals and works for all.

We’re very excited to restore and capture the essence of this amazing property.

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