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Posted: Friday 5 November 2021

Our Favourite Paint Colours – Whites & Neutrals


Choosing paint colours can feel like a daunting task as the options are endless which can make the process feel very overwhelming.

We get so many questions about the paint colours we use in our projects, so we wanted to share with you our go to’s for neutral palettes. After years of schemes and swatching, we’ve done the hard work for you and narrowed it down  to the basics we think could work well in almost every home.

Once you have narrowed down your own selection, one big piece of advice is to make sure you do a big enough swatch, of about 20 x 30cm, of each colour and finish in each room and on different walls. Light can have a big impact on the colour especially throughout the day, so you want to make sure that this colour is right for your scheme through the day.

Keep reading if you would like to hear our favourite paint colours.


White is just white, right?

White should not be mistaken for simply just white. Even a white can have so many different options in undertone, and each shade, tone & finish can create a totally different feel to a space. Natural light should be reconsidered when selecting the perfect white!

In North facing rooms the light tends to bring out the cooler tones within a colour, so you may want to offset this and go for something warmer if a cool tone isn’t for you.

South facing rooms are usually filled with warm light all day, making them one of the easiest rooms to choose a palette for. We have collated our tried & tested whites & neutrals below…


Brilliant white is very stark, so if we are after a crisp, clean white, Little Greene Flint 236 is our chosen one as it has a much softer tone making it a more liveable colour. This is our “go to” when doing pure white woodwork, as seen here on the internal doors, architraves and skirtings in one of our projects as it is a sophisticated warm white. If you’re looking for a bright white with minimal undertones, this could be the one for you!


Little Greene Slaked Lime 105 is a pure, fresh, and neutral white. We love the freshness it offers without being too grey. We recently used it in one of our projects within a Powder Room, with no natural light we wanted to use a white tone that was neutral, and it was the fresh perfect tone.


Warm & creamy are words often used to describe Slaked Lime Mid 149 by Little Greene. This mid shade is a warmer neutral paint colour than classic Slaked Lime 105 Above. It’s a great option for more traditional spaces and works well with other neutral tones and fresh hues. We used it throughout the open plan kitchen, dining, and hallway of our Edgbaston residence for a cohesive palette.

This is one of our all-time favourites and we even have this is our Design Studio!


Warm yet airy, Little Greene’s Rolling Fog Pale 158 is a perfect shade to go for when you are trying to achieve a subtle warmth in a space like this en-suite bathroom. To create the welcoming feel, we wanted a warmth to come through in the wall colour, this delightful pale tone is timeless and can be used in both modern and period properties.

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