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Posted: Friday 19 November 2021

Our Guide To Styling Bed


To add a touch of luxury to your bedroom, styling a bed can really elevate a room and make it warm and inviting, it is more than just a sheet set with a duvet on top.

Think of those super full and fluffy hotels beds you just want to jump right on top of. With a few simple steps it is easy for you to introduce this into your home, and we are going to touch upon some simple steps and tips for you to do in your own bedrooms.

Step One - Crisp White Bed Linen

First thing you want to do is start with a good base, fresh and crisp white bedding is the way we go. We like to opt for a white fitted sheet and for a truly sophisticated bed, incorporate a flat top sheet which you can then fold back over the top of your duvet to reveal any pretty detailing and add an extra bit of colour to your bed.

Then you want to add your duvet, for a true fully and fluffy look try to opt for a down or down alternative, an all-important essential layer in the UK to keep you warm!

Step Two - Texture

Next you want to start to layer onto you base, we tend to opt for a textured white bedspread or quilt. We do this for two reasons – one, it adds texture, two is means it hides your duvet cover if you do not have time to steam you sheets, I mean who does?

It can then be folded back at night if you do not need it and gives you an extra layer of warmth during the winter.

Step Three - Fluffy Pillows

Add your pillows. Anything bigger than a single we would always choose to add four pillows (two on each side). They could be either laid down and stacked up or sitting up. Sitting up is our go to at the moment and we love an Oxford border pillowcase as it helps to create that luxury look.

Top tip – we would always suggest opting for at least one pillow each side which is filled with down or a down alternative so you can plump it up to give a full and fluffy look.

Step Four - The Fun Part

Now it is time to bring the colour and the fun part!

Adding cushions to a bed to arguably one of the most effective ways to get the luxury look when dressing your bed. It brings more dimension to a room and is a quick and effortless way to add colour and texture, which you can easily change up as the season change.

For the full effect, layer large cushions first with smaller cushions placed in front this allows you to control how much pattern or colour you want to show off.

Don’t forget – make sure the zip is facing down.

Step 5 - The Finale

Lastly, neatly place a throw over the end of your bed is a lovely way to finish off. A throw to the bottom of the bed adds another layer of texture, colour, and practicality to you bed, especially in those colder winter months.

Perfect if you have pets, they can sleep on the end of your bed without the risk of ruining your crisp white bedding!

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