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Posted: Friday 17 December 2021

Why You Should Invest In Made-to-Measure Window Treatments


We believe that the curtains & blinds you have in your home need to offer a visual aesthetic but also a practical functionality for the requirements of the room. For example, you may require complete blackout, or you may want to let some light in. You may want to keep the warmth in or simply gain more privacy. This task can sometimes be overwhelming.

Our designers believe window treatments are as much of a vital layer to a scheme as paint colours, lighting, or a floor finish. Often, window treatments can feel like an afterthought or an expense that may not be required, however, when you have quality made to measure window treatments, they elevate they scheme and add another dimension with their details, whether that be a contrast pole, an injection of colour or beautiful textured fabrics.

Even when you have large architectural panes of glass to maximize views, we still advise our clients to invest in window treatments. Whilst in the summer it can be lovely to enjoy the sunsets and the landscape, by winter it can be cold and dark and in need of softening. It can also help increase your home’s energy efficiency, by keeping heat in and cold draughts out.

Buying “off the shelf” can be a lot harder than you may think, there are very few windows that come in a standard size, especially in bespoke homes. They are not going to fit the window perfectly so you will have extra time or additional cost making them work.

By designing made to measure window treatments this will give you confidence that your window treatments are the perfect size and perfect for your space. From the mm accurate survey to the installation of the curtains, working with a professional will ensure the correct placement of everything, streamlining the process for you.

There will be more flexibility with your choices, as there are endless fabric options available on the market and you can add more detail to your curtain designs by using trims and tapes – we love using patterns and contrasting colours to make it stand out. These additional details can make the curtains or blinds a design feature, and it adds an extra layer of luxury, a truly ‘considered’ design.

On our bespoke project we create a detailed curtain specification sheet for the curtain maker showing a visual of our design intent, style of the curtains, and which fabrics to use – everything they need to know to bring our visions to life.

Don’t forget to contact us if you are looking to get custom-made curtains or blinds for your home!

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