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Posted: Friday 19 March 2021

Quick Tips to Bedroom Designs


We have come up with five key considerations when designing your bedroom, keep reading to hear our quick bedroom design tips on how to create the perfect place to relax;


One of the first tips for designing your bedroom is the layout of the space, ensuring you are selecting both practical & appropriately sized furniture pieces for your space. A proportionally designed room will fulfil ergonomic expectations for everyday life, functionality of any space in your home is vital. Start by planning your layout before you do anything else, the worst thing you can do is order furniture that is too big, or small, for the space!


Colour reflects one’s personality and your bedroom is a place to relax & feel calm. You may be drawn to a light serene palette, favour dark moody tones or feel most comfortable in a blend of both light & dark hues. Mixing tones can be a great way to add definition.  Here we have opted for a dark navy headboard to contrast with the light grey textured wallcovering, and crisp white bedding, giving our client the perfect balance of fresh & moody at the same time. 


Bringing texture into your bedroom through the use of materials will create a layered aesthetic whilst adding warmth & comfort. We would suggest using a mixture of textures through both hard & soft furnishings to add interest.

A textured bedspread is a really easy and cost effective way to add texture into your bedroom and can be easily changed up through different seasons. If you want a more luxiours feel to you bedroom we would suggest an all over light textured wallcovering, which just whispers luxurious! 


Both natural & artificial lighting are key considerations when designing a bedroom. Natural light can be controlled through the use of window treatments, allowing different levels of privacy. Different layers of artificial lighting will encourage multi-purpose functionality of the room. Our client opted for plantation shutters in her master bedroom to sit behind her bespoke window dressings, but we also love sheer roman blinds or curtains – a double window treatment gives differing levels of privacy and flexibility! 


Finally, accessories should be used to embellish your space to reflect you, objects of interest & personal trinkets will help evoke a sense of you in the most personal corner of your home.

Try adding some of your favourite flowers in a small round vase on your bedside (they could even be faux if you cannot be bothered to keep changing them!)


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