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Posted: Friday 19 February 2021

Our Guide to Styling Cushions on a Bed


Decorative cushions are essential when designing a bedroom scheme as they can often serve as the focal point in the room; they are great for adding colour, texture, and personality into the room.

A bed without cushions could look ‘unfinished’ or ‘empty’ but having too many cushions could appear ‘messy’ if not done right. That’s why we are here to give you some pro tips on how to create the perfect balance when it comes to cushion arrangements on beds.


When starting your cushion arrangement, you have to lay the foundation – these will be your sleeping pillows. At C&B, we tend to use white pillows as it creates the perfect backdrop for our decorative cushions to stand out even more as white gives a fresh and crisp look to the bed. Generally, we use 4 standard white pillows for double to super king beds and 2 for single beds – they could be either laid down and stacked up or sitting up. However, sitting up is our go to.

The number of decorative cushions will depend on the side of the bed. Generally, we would use up to 5 decorative cushions for Super king/King beds, 3-4 cushions for double sized beds, and 2 for single beds.

Mix it Up!

Use different cushion sizes to create different heights which allows you to control how much pattern or colour you want to show off. Place your bigger cushions at the back and your smaller cushions at the front. For example, a for a King-sized bed, have two 55x55cm cushions at the back and two 50x50cm cushions at the front. This ensures that the colour or pattern from the back cushion is shown.

Another great way to keep the arrangement interesting is adding cushions with different shapes such as bolster and lumbar cushions at the front which adds an extra layer of playfulness but at the same time, remains sophisticated.

Colour and Pattern Placement

Selecting which colours or patterns to go for could be hard if you don’t have a theme in your bedroom. Generally, we would use 2 types of cushions on beds: a patterned cushion to go at the front, and a plain or textured cushion with a nice piping detail to go behind it to create a beautiful contrasting effect and to allow the pattern to stand out.

If you are struggling to choose which colours and patterns to go for, you can always pull inspiration from an artwork in your bedroom or go for a neutral patterned cushion paired with a plain cushion with a pop of your favourite colour to reflect your personality!

Plump & Chop

And last but not least – the Plump & chop! This technique is used to create fullness to the cushions and create a perfectly crisp, tailored, and cohesive look for all our decorative cushions.

Now it’s your turn to arrange your cushions on your beds following our guide – Take a photo and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram! We’d love to see what you come up with!

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