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Posted: Monday 1 April 2019

The Summer Edit


Curved furniture

Organic and natural shapes are now filtering down to many high street furniture companies, making elegant forms an accessible option in a stylish way. Clean lines and structured furniture has been the go-to look for many years, but why not try something softer? Curves can easily be incorporated into interiors by choosing a love seat or sofa. We particularly love the shape of this curved classic from B&B Italia

Image: B&B Italia 

Crittal-style windows and doors

Using Crittal-style doors and partitioning is a great way to divide spaces whilst allowing light to flow naturally around the space. We love this look so much, we’ve recently implemented this idea at the most recent commercial project we have completed.

Image: Govette Windows

Zellige tiling

We’ve recently installed a dark kitchen at a cosy thatched cottage in Wales and we used zellige tiles in a blush tone to help lift the space. The tiles were installed in an upright arrangement to help elongate the space.

Image: Porcelain Superstore

Terrazzo light fittings

Terazzo has featured in many of our recent projects and continues to remain a popular choice. Whether it’s a feature wall tile, a light fitting or a set of coasters, we admire how Terazzo has pushed its way into the scope of modern design and we highly recommend this material to help bring any interior to life.

Image: 1st Dibs

Mid-century modern classic furniture shapes

We’re constantly looking at new furniture shapes and styles and have more recently found ourselves gravitating towards the mid-century modern classics. We’ve found that using a range of different furniture shapes creates a less uniform and more comfortable space of charm and interest.

Image: Swoon

Matt/ & Powdery finishes

Rather than using brushed or polished finishes, we’ve been incorporating matt/powdery finishes, which appear soft to touch, making them extremely tactile. This type of finish can be used in many different ways. For more of a permanent solution, consider incorporating matt sink or matt brassware.

Image: H&M Home

Blush tones

Blush is a spring/summer colour to complement all of the flowers blooming outside! This Portobello Bed Linen Collection set from The White Company injects a little colour into rooms with its washed-petal linen cuff.

Image: The White Company

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