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Posted: Sunday 8 July 2018

The Children’s Edit



It can be difficult designing a bedroom for a client who grows and changes so quickly, but whilst still retaining their personality. In my favourite children’s room we have designed the wall are covered in a paper inspired by weathered driftwood, with a dappled animal-like markings to create this smart striped wallpaper. We used yellow as the accent colour in the accessories to give the room a warm feeling even though the design is really simple, these are all elements which can be mixed up really easily. It’s so bright and natural with bits of contemporary and Scandinavian design.


Our brief from our 10 year old client was to create a jungle of a bedroom. To achieve her dream bedroom we clashed prints with two wallcoverings; Cole & Son’s Palm Jungle was perfect, its multi layered to create a dense jungle of foliage combined with a muted cheetah print from Thibaut. We think organisation is crucial when it comes to designing spaces for children, but not everything has to be hidden away; we combined open shelving to allow the display of favourite toys & possessions with chests, built in wardrobes and boxes to hide the chaos.


We believe there has to be balance between designing for children & teenagers whilst still working in coordination with the rest of the home. Our Clients generally have an eclectic style, which means we can be more creative is certain areas of the home. In this teenagers bedroom we used a tonal palette of blues, whites & greys, we selected a bold geometric wallcovering and kept the fabrics to a combination of textures.


Creativity is maximised when living in the moment. We created a fun, playful space, reflecting our client’s hobbies and personalities, whilst being functional to family living. Our design featured a custom print vinyl floor, with white walls & white furniture, this left space for our clients to further inject their creativity into the space.

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